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Workload overview

Last updated:2021-04-14 15:43:53

Workloads in a serverless cluster

Built on a Kubernetes cluster, KSK is fully compatible with the Kubernetes-native resource creation and management methods. Workload creation and management in a serverless cluster are basically the same as those in a container cluster. However, because a serverless cluster does not contain physical nodes, some resource and parameter settings are not available for it:

  • The DaemonSet workload is unavailable for a serverless cluster.
  • Host directories and file systems cannot be used as volumes.
  • When you create a workload, health check is unavailable in the container settings, and you cannot set the container to a privileged type.
  • NodePort access to a workload is not supported.
  • When you create a workload, actual resources will be allocated to each pod based on the resource limits in the container settings.

Workload types

You can create the following types of workloads in a serverless cluster based on your business requirements. For more information, see the corresponding topics.


A Deployment manages stateless applications in the cluster. It provides declarative updates for pods and replica controllers in the cluster.


A StatefulSet manages stateful applications in the cluster. It provides persistent identifiers for pods in the cluster. The identifiers will retain across rescheduling or destruction of the pods. When you create a persistent storage instance, you can map pods to volumes in a one-to-one manner by using identifiers.


A job performs one-time batch processing. It ensures the successful termination of one or more pods that perform batch processing. Unlike a Deployment or a StatefulSet that perpetually runs, a job will automatically exit after completion. Therefore, it is more suitable for one-time processing such as data processing and migration.


A CronJob runs a job at a given time point or periodically on a given schedule.

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