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What is Kingsoft Cloud Serverless Kubernetes?

Last updated:2021-04-14 15:43:52

Product introduction

Based on Kingsoft Cloud Container Instance (KCI), Kingsoft Cloud Serverless Kubernetes (KSK) provides a container service that is fully compatible with the Kubernetes ecosystem. You can directly deploy containerized applications and manage them in a Kubernetes-native way without the need to purchase or manage underlying nodes. This facilitates the deployment of Kubernetes applications.

Pods in a KSK cluster run in a securely isolated container operating environment based on KCI. KCI pods are completely isolated at the underlying layer by a lightweight virtualization technology, without mutual interference.


Ease of use

You can quickly create fully managed serverless clusters without the need to purchase or manage underlying nodes. This allows you to focus more on your applications.

Kubernetes-native support

KSK is fully compatible with Kubernetes-native cluster management and supports Kubernetes-native APIs, which allows you to seamlessly migrate Kubernetes applications to KSK.

Ecosystem compatibility

KSK is deeply integrated with other Kingsoft Cloud services, such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Server Load Balancing (SLB), and Elastic Block Storage (EBS), to provide solutions that integrate capabilities of Kingsoft Cloud.

Secure isolation

Based on the secure container technology of KCI, KSK provides the secure isolation capability of virtual machines.


Online business

Based on the monitoring metrics of clusters and the native HPA of Kubernetes, KSK supports efficient and elastic scaling of resources based on actual loads of applications. This reduces O&M costs and improves service efficiency.

Batch computing

For the batch processing of static data, KSK uses the native job and CronJob resources in a KSK cluster to perform one-time or scheduled recurring tasks, such as offline reports and data analysis. For the KSK cluster, you are billed only for the resources that are consumed by the workloads. You do not need to pay for idle resources.

Real-time audio and video processing

KSK supports real-time audio and video processing tasks, such as encoding, decoding, and transcoding, in the live streaming acceleration service. KSK meets the requirements for stable and smooth playback and high concurrency in live streaming scenarios. KSK scales out container instances for you in seconds, freeing you from considering the node scale-out cycle.

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