FAQs about clusters

Last updated:2021-05-11 10:41:40

FAQ about cluster creation

1. Why is the public NAT required for the node network when I create a cluster?

The cluster needs to access the Internet because the Cloud Provider in the cluster will call APIs to create resources such as SLB instances, EIPs, and EBS volumes, based on the business requirements. Therefore, the public Network Address Translation (NAT) is required for the node network.

We recommend that you create a public NAT that applies to your VPC.

If a public NAT that applies to subnets exists in your VPC, you can bind it to other subnets in your VPC. For more information about NAT, see NAT.

2. What types of instances are supported by a cluster?

All types of Pay-By-Daily-Config instances are supported.

3. What operating systems are supported by a KCE host?

CentOS 7.6 64-bit and Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit are supported. If you want to use other operating systems, submit a ticket.

4. What are the requirements for security groups in KCE?

For more information about the requirements, see Recommended security group settings.

FAQ about adding nodes to a cluster

1. What are the restrictions for adding nodes?

You can add only nodes in the region where your cluster resides. You can select nodes in different availability zones for cross-zone deployment.

2. Can I add existing servers?

No. This feature is coming soon.

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