Quota limits

Last updated:2021-04-14 15:43:53

For each account, KCE limits the number of nodes per region and per cluster, as described in the following table.

Item Limit Exception support
Clusters per region 10 Submit a ticket.
Managed clusters per region 2 Submit a ticket.
Serverless clusters per region 2 Submit a ticket.
Nodes per cluster 40 Submit a ticket.

Each time a node is added to a Kubernetes cluster, a host route is added to the VPC to which the cluster belongs. By default, a single VPC supports up to 200 routes. Therefore, a single VPC can contain up to 200 Kubernetes nodes. In fact, less than 200 routes are available in a single VPC because some routes are default routes. If you need to deploy over 200 Kubernetes nodes in a VPC, you must submit a ticket to increase the quota of the VPC.

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