Image repository overview

Last updated:2021-05-11 10:41:17

An image repository is used to store Docker images. Kingsoft Cloud Docker registry provides safe and reliable enterprise-level private image repositories. You can store your private images in a private image repository to ease management.

Image types

Kingsoft Cloud supports official Docker Hub images, private images, and Ksyun Hub images.

Basic concepts

A registry is a server where multiple image repositories are stored. Each repository centrally stores one type of images and contains multiple image files, which are distinguished by tags. For example, the repository for storing Ubuntu operating system images, called the Ubuntu repository, may contain images of different versions such as 14.04 and 12.04.
Based on whether images are public, image repositories are classified into public repositories and private repositories. At present, the largest public repository is Docker Hub, from which you can download a large number of official Docker images.

To push an image to or pull an image from a private repository, you must first log in to the registry.

Each image has a unique address in the format of Registry domain name + Namespace name + Repository name + Image tag, for example:

Notes: the domain name of the registry.

    namespace: the name of the namespace.

    nginx: the name of the repository.

    latest: the image tag. This parameter is optional. The default value is latest.

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