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Last updated:2021-04-30 16:59:23

Security and reliability

  1. KCE provides exclusive compute resources. Multi-tenant isolation is achieved at the underlying resource level, ensuring the isolation of your business.
  2. Clusters are deployed in your VPC. You can customize security groups and ACLs based on security needs of your business.
  3. Container clusters are deployed in a distributed architecture, ensuring high availability of the clusters.

Efficient deployment

  1. KCE runs in your private network. The quality Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network guarantees fast upload and download of images and allows a large number of containers to be started within seconds. This greatly decreases the running cost and makes your deployment more dedicated to business operation.
  2. You can deploy your business on KCE. After you submit code to platforms such as GitHub, KCE can immediately build, test, pack, and integrate the code and then deploy the integrated code to the pre-release environment and production environment.

Ease of use

  1. KCE provides a super large-scale cluster management service. You only need to start a container cluster and specify the tasks to execute without the need to install, manage, maintain, and expand the infrastructure of cluster management.
  2. KCE supports one-click cluster deployment, and allows you to customize cluster scale and configurations.
  3. KCE provides a graphical interface and an API to facilitate management of container clusters.

Cost effectiveness

You are not charged for the KCE service, and you only need to pay for cloud resources that you use, such as KEC instances and EIPs.

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