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Last updated:2021-04-14 15:43:53

Microservice architecture

KCE supports the microservice architecture. You can divide complicated, monolithic applications into a number of microservices from different dimensions and deploy each microservice separately. This architecture provides a powerful capability of distribution, scaling, and fault tolerance.

Each microservice uses an application image as the deployment template.


  1. KCE supports load balancing and automatic service discovery. This allows KCE to be perfectly adapted to the microservice architecture.
  2. KCE supports one-click cluster deployment. This simplifies the deployment, operations and maintenance (O&M), and management of clusters.
  3. KCE is deeply integrated with the Kingsoft Cloud ecosystem, and directly leverages the computing, network, security, and storage capabilities of Kingsoft Cloud.



Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) enables an excellent DevOps environment that greatly improves the efficiency of releasing software.

CI: After developers submit new code, building and unit testing are immediately performed to determine whether the new code and the existing code can be properly packed and integrated together.

CD: The integrated code that is generated in CI is deployed to the pre-release environment.


KCE has the CI/CD capability to provide a full-set and complete procedure for business software development, compiling, testing, integration, and deployment. This eliminates human errors in the process of development, testing, and launching software and improves the production efficiency.


Auto scaling

KCE supports auto scaling based on the service load. When the load of a service increases, KCE automatically scales out the service capacity and deploys resources within seconds to handle increasing concurrent requests. When the load of a service decreases, KCE automatically scales in the service capacity to save resources without affecting the online service. No human intervention is needed in the whole process, saving the need of manual deployment.


  1. Auto scaling does not require human intervention.
  2. When the service load reaches the scale-out threshold, a scale-out is triggered within seconds.
  3. When the service load is low, a scale-in is automatically triggered to reduce the cost.


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