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Last updated:2022-09-05 10:13:06

1. Description

You can call this operation to query KEC instances to which an EBS volume can be attached in the specified availability zone.

2. Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
AvailabilityZone String Yes The availability zone in which you want to query KEC instances.
VolumeType String Yes The type of the EBS volume. Valid values: ESSD_PL1/ESSD_PL2/ESSD_PL3/SSD3.0/EHDD
Version String Yes The API version. Valid value: 2016-03-04.

3. Response parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
RequestId String Yes The request ID, which is unique. A request ID is returned for each request.
Instances List No The information about the KEC instances to which the EBS volume can be attached.
InstanceId String No The ID of the KEC instance.
InstanceName String No The name of the KEC instance.
InstanceIp String No The private IP address of the KEC instance.
InstanceEnable Boolean No Indicates whether the KEC instance is available, that is, the number of EBS volumes attached to the KEC instance is less than or equal to 3. true indicates yes.

4. Examples

Request parameters

Response parameters

    "RequestId": "6e2682a1-5968-42f5-80e5-284aae218df0",
    "Instances": [
            "InstanceId": "b338e59b-cac0-4e65-b9c4-a4d67f2710ff",
            "InstanceName": "zhangyun-test-0122",
            "InstanceIp": "",
            "InstanceEnable": false
            "InstanceId": "0a1b884c-4ca0-4608-ad0e-4006043724c8",
            "InstanceName": "public-io-test-no-del",
            "InstanceIp": "",
            "InstanceEnable": true
            "InstanceId": "40554d1c-9d06-4440-8ad1-1e7ff67be715",
            "InstanceName": "public-vm-test-no-del",
            "InstanceIp": "",
            "InstanceEnable": true
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