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Last updated:2021-10-26 22:52:40

1. Description

You can call this operation to query EBS volumes attached to a KEC instance.

2. Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
InstanceId String Yes The ID of the KEC instance in which you want to query attached EBS volumes. You can specify only one KEC instance in a call. The ID must be 36 characters in length and can contain letters, digits, and hyphens (-).

3. Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
RequestId String The request ID, which is unique. A request ID is returned for each request.
Attachments List The information about EBS volumes attached to the KEC instance. This parameter is not returned if no EBS volume is attached to the KEC instance.
InstanceId String The ID of the KEC instance.
VolumeId String The ID of the EBS volume.
MountPoint String The mount point of the EBS volume.

4. Examples

Request parameters

Response parameters

  "RequestId": "6e2682a1-5968-42f5-80e5-284aae218df0",
  "Attachments": [
      "InstanceId": "af4868ec-8d5e-46a4-83fb-4a33af05da74",
      "VolumeId": "67bd55f6-b13c-4f6a-8424-623e40392dc2",
      "MountPoint": "/dev/vda"
      "InstanceId": "af4868ec-8d5e-46a4-83fb-4a33af05da74",
      "VolumeId": "b76ad3be-61d5-40f7-bb1c-4991b7cf57c9",
      "MountPoint": "/dev/vdcd"
      "InstanceId": "af4868ec-8d5e-46a4-83fb-4a33af05da74",
      "VolumeId": "80e1d4ef-85f6-41d5-b990-e881dfbab4c6",
      "MountPoint": "/dev/vdce"
      "InstanceId": "af4868ec-8d5e-46a4-83fb-4a33af05da74",
      "VolumeId": "27b283db-a4c8-46e7-88d3-09107846c80f",
      "MountPoint": "/dev/vdci"
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