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1. Description

You can call this operation to delete an EBS volume not in use. You can delete only EBS volumes in the available or error state.

2. Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
VolumeId String Yes The ID of the EBS volume to be deleted. The ID must be 36 characters in length and can contain letters, digits, hyphens (-), and underscores (_).
ForceDelete Boolean No True is directly and completely deleted, false enters the Recycle Bin, and the cloud disk transmission true will be deleted from the Recycle Bin during the recycle; The default is false
Version String Yes The API version. Valid value: 2016-03-04.

3. Response parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
RequestId String Yes The request ID, which is unique. A request ID is returned for each request.
Return Boolean No Indicates whether the EBS volume is deleted. True indicates yes.

4. Examples

Request parameters

Response parameters

  "RequestId": "6e2682a1-5968-42f5-80e5-284aae218df0",
  "Return": true

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