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Operation FAQs

Last updated:2021-07-21 14:18:13

How many EBS volumes can I attach to an instance at most?

You can attach a maximum of eight EBS volumes to a KEC instance, and a maximum of four EHDD volumes to an Elastic Physical Compute (EPC) instance.

Why do I fail to find the instance to attach an EBS volume?

This may be because the instance is released or the instance and the EBS volume are not in the same availability zone of the same region.

Can I attach an EBS volume to an instance that is in a different availability zone?

No. You can only attach an EBS volume to an instance in the same availability zone of the same region.

How do I partition and format the EBS volume attached?

For more information, see Attach an EBS volume.

Will I lose my data in an EBS volume when I detach it?

No, data in an EBS volume is not affected when you attach or detach the volume. To ensure data consistency, we recommend that you perform the following operations: If you are using the Linux operating system, perform the following steps to detach an EBS volume from a KEC instance: Log in to the KEC instance, run the umount command on the target EBS volume, and then detach the EBS volume in the KEC console. If you are using the Windows operating system, stop all read/write operations on the file systems of the target EBS volume before the detachment. Otherwise, certain data will be lost due to incomplete read/write operations.

How do I delete or unsubscribe from an EBS volume billed in Subscription mode?

You cannot delete an EBS volume billed in Subscription mode, but you can unsubscribe from it as needed. To unsubscribe from an EBS volume, perform the following steps: Log in to the Kingsoft Cloud console. In the top navigation bar, click Billing. On the page that appears, click Unsubscribe management in the left navigation pane. On the Unsubscribe management page, click the Refund Not Apply tab. Find the EBS volume that you want to unsubscribe from and click Unsubscribe in the Operation column.

Can I detach a data disk from a KEC instance billed in Subscription mode?


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