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Renew an EBS volume

Last updated:2021-09-22 20:40:13


  • You can renew only EBS volumes billed in Subscription mode.
  • You will receive an expiration notification seven days, three days, and one day before the EBS volumes expire.
  • If the EBS volumes are not renewed in seven days after expiration, they will be frozen and cannot be used. The data on the EBS volumes will be retained. Renew the expired EBS volumes as soon as possible.
  • On the eighth day after expiration, the EBS volumes will be released if they are not renewed. In this case, data will be cleared and cannot be restored. To ensure service availability and data security, we recommend that you renew EBS volumes in time to avoid an impact on services.
  • You can renew an EBS volume manually or automatically.

Manual renewal

Renew an EBS volume in the EBS console

If you want to continue to use an EBS volume, you need to renew the EBS volume before it expires. After an EBS volume expires, it will be detached from the corresponding KEC instance and data cannot be read or written.

  1. Log in to the EBS console.

  2. On the EBS tab, select the target EBS volumes in Subscription mode and click Renew/Trial Extension to renew multiple volumes at a time. Alternatively, choose More > Renew in the Operation column to renew a single EBS volume.

  3. In the dialog box that appears, select a renewal period and click Renew.

  4. Make the payment. The EBS volume is renewed.

Automatic renewal

We recommend that you enable automatic renewal when you purchase an EBS volume in Subscription mode. The automatic renewal feature renews your cloud resources regularly and notifies you of the renewal result by sending you SMS messages and emails. It saves your time and prevents the service from being suspended in case you forget to renew the volume.

Note: To enable automatic renewal, you need to ensure sufficient account balance. If an EBS volume fails to be automatically renewed seven days before it expires due to insufficient account balance, a deduction is automatically made again three days before the expiration. If the deduction is successful, the volume is automatically renewed in the week. If the deduction fails, another deduction is made one day before the expiration. After the expiration, the service is automatically suspended. During the resource retention period, you need to manually renew the EBS volume. image.png

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