Purchase EBS volumes

Last updated:2021-07-30 11:21:52


Kingsoft Cloud provides two methods for you to purchase Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes:

  • Purchase EBS volumes in the EBS console:

    1. Log in to the EBS console.
    2. On the page that appears, click Create Cloud Disk to purchase EBS volumes.
  • Purchase EBS volumes when you create a Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute (KEC) instance

    1. Log in to the KEC console.
    2. On the page that appears, click Create Instance.
    3. On the KEC instance creation page that appears, click Add next to Data Disk.

Expiration notification

  • EBS volumes billed in Subscription mode

    1. Alerts before expiration

      Kingsoft Cloud sends an expiration alert to the creator of the Kingsoft Cloud account seven days, three days, and one day before the volumes expire. The alert is sent in the following forms: messages in the console, emails, and SMS messages.

    2. Recycling policy

      You will receive an expiration notification seven days, three days, and one day before the EBS volumes expire.

      If the EBS volumes are not renewed in seven days after expiration, they will be frozen and cannot be used. The data on the EBS volumes will be retained. Renew the expired EBS volumes as soon as possible.

      On the eighth day after expiration, the EBS volumes will be released if they are not renewed. In this case, data will be cleared and cannot be restored. To ensure service availability and data security, we recommend that you renew EBS volumes in time to avoid an impact on services.

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