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You can call this operation to export the details of a postpaid bill to a CSV file by product code or project ID.
Note: You can export the details only of postpaid bills that are generated after June 2018. For ease of use, the CSV files are encoded in GBK.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Length (number of characters) Format Description
Action String Yes Fixed value [a-zA-Z]+ The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to GetPostpayDetailBillCSV.
BillStartMonth String Yes YYYY-MM The start month of the bill. Example: 2018-06. This parameter is required.
BillEndMonth String Yes The end month of the bill. This parameter is required.
ProductCode String No The code of the product based on which you export the bill details. Example: KEC. This parameter is optional. If you do not specify this parameter, the bill details of all products are exported.
ProjectId String No The ID of the project based on which you export the bill details. This parameter is optional. If you do not specify this parameter, the bill details of all projects are exported.

Response parameters

The CSV file that contains the bill details is returned.

Error codes

Error code Error message HTTP status code Description
InvalidParameter There is one or more invalid parameter(%s)." 400 The error message returned because the %s parameter is invalid. For more information about the parameter, see %s.
Forbidden Request user %s forbidden request this api" 400 The error message returned because the user denies the API request. For more information about the user ID, see %s.
Server unavailable Server error 500 The error message returned because exceptions occur on the backend server.

Successful call examples

In the following example, the details of the KEC bill of the default project in June 2018 are exported to a CSV file.

Sample requests
&Common request parameters

Sample success responses

Billing month,Customer ID,Bill ID,Product,Product type,Product ID,Product name,Start time of the bill,End time of the bill,Start time of the service,Billing mode,Billing days,Billing hours,Region,Availability zone,Remarks,Original amount (CNY),Discount,Actual amount (CNY),Project,Price impact factor,Configuration,Extra information,Tag,
2018-06,73400575,000000017299675,KEC,Local high-performance KEC instance,c35d5c4a-06e6-446c-811f-db5380e8627c,KSC180308172229_1,2018-06-01 00:00:00,2018-06-25 23:59:59,2018-03-08 17:22:54,Pay-By-Daily-Config,25,0,Yizhuang (VPC),Availability zone A of CN North 1 (Beijing),,73.33,0.75,55.00,Default project,Operating system: Linux|,SSD size (GB): 50.0000|Number of CPU cores: 1.0000|SATA disk size (GB):|Memory size (GB): 1.0000|,Private IP address:|Public IP address:|,

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