Request structure

Last updated:2021-05-27 17:52:42

To call an API operation of Kingsoft Cloud Billing Center, you must create a request, add common parameters and operation-specific parameters to the request based on the API document, and send the request to the specified endpoint. The request structure is as follows:

1. Endpoints and request methods

API operation type Endpoint Request method
Account balance operation GET
Instance service operations POST
Bill operations GET
Pay-As-You-Go bill operations GET
Postpaid bill operations GET

Note: If the GET method is used, all request parameters must be URL-encoded.

2. Communication protocol

You can send a request over HTTP or HTTPS. We recommend that you use HTTPS for higher security.

3. Request parameters

The request contains common request parameters and operation-specific request parameters. The common request parameters are required for all API operations. For more information, see Common parameters. The operation-specific request parameters vary with API operations. For more information, see the “Request parameters” section for each API operation.

The following table describes the Service and Region parameters required for constructing common parameters.

API operation type Service Region
Account balance operation kingpay cn-beijing-6
Instance service operations trade cn-beijing-6
Bill operations bill-union cn-beijing-6
Pay-As-You-Go bill operations krtpay cn-beijing-6
Postpaid bill operations bill cn-beijing-6

4. Character encoding

The requests and responses are encoded by using UTF-8 character sets.

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