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List of operations by function

Last updated:2021-05-27 17:52:42

This topic introduces the call methods of API operations available for use in Billing Center and related API operations.

Account balance

Operation Description Detail
QueryCashWalletAction Queries the balance in the Kingsoft Cloud account. QueryCashWalletAction

Instance service

Operation Description Detail
DescribeInstances Queries the detailed information of instances. DescribeInstances
SetRenewal Configures an automatic renewal policy for multiple instances. SetRenewal


Operation Description Detail
DescribeBillSummaryByPayMode Queries the bill summary by billing mode. DescribeBillSummaryByPayMode
DescribeBillSummaryByProduct Queries the bill summary by product. DescribeBillSummaryByProduct
DescribeBillSummaryByProject Queries the bill summary by project. DescribeBillSummaryByProject
DescribeInstanceSummaryBills Queries the bill summary by instance ID. DescribeInstanceSummaryBills
DescribeProductCode Queries all products. DescribeProductCode

Pay-As-You-Go bill

Operation Description Detail
DescribeBillSummary Queries the bill summary. DescribeBillSummary
DescribeBills Queries Pay-As-You-Go bills. DescribeBills
DescribeBillDetail Queries the details about Pay-As-You-Go bills. DescribeBillDetail
DescribeProductCode Queries the mappings between products and codes. DescribeProductCode

Postpaid bill

Operation Description Detail
GetMonthBill Queries the summary of a monthly bill. GetMonthBill
GetPostpayDetailBill Queries the details of a postpaid bill. GetPostpayDetailBill
GetPostpayDetailBillCSV Exports the details of a postpaid bill to a CSV file. GetPostpayDetailBillCSV
GetProductCode Queries the mappings between products and codes. GetProductCode
getMonthConsume Queries the summary of the estimated consumption. getMonthConsume
getPostpayDetailConsume Queries the details of the estimated consumption. getPostpayDetailConsume
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