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FAQ about resource packages

Last updated:2021-05-27 20:47:57

1. I bought resource packages, but my account balance is still negative. Why is that? Pay-As-You-Go instances may have several billing items. After you purchase resource packages for some of the items, other items are still billed, which can cause your account balance to go negative.

2. Can I still use a resource package that is no longer being sold? Yes, you can use a purchased resource package even if it is no longer being sold.

3. In which order are different resource packages used to offset a bill? If you have several resource packages, they are used in the following order: those with the most recent expiration time, those with the smallest number of applicable data centers, and then those with the smallest number of resources.

4. Which types of instances can I use resource packages on? You can use resource packages only on Pay-As-You-Go instances. Prepaid and postpaid instances do not support resource packages.

5. Can I return a resource package? Yes, you can return an unused resource package that has not expired. To return a resource package, contact customer service.

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