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Renewal management

Last updated:2021-05-27 17:52:41


You can manage purchased instances in corresponding product consoles. If you want to renew purchased instances, log in to the Billing Center console and go to the Renewal Management page for instance renewal.

Note: The renewal management feature is available only for standard and renewable instances. Trial instances and instances that are purchased by times in One-Time Fee Prepaid billing mode do not require renewal.

Query renewable instances

You can query instances to be renewed by Expire date, Product Name, and Room type. image.png

The system provides automatic renewal and manual renewal policies that enable you to flexibly renew instances.

Automatic renewal

If you want to use an instance for a long time, you can enable automatic renewal for the instance. The system automatically renews this type of instances by month on their expiration date.

  1. On the Renewal Management page, click the Manual renewal tab.

  2. Select one or more instances for which you want to change the renewal policy and click Automatic renewal. image.png

  3. In the dialog box that appears, click OK. Then, you can view the instances on the Automatic renewal tab.


  • The system automatically renews the instances after 00:00 on their expiration date. If fees are involved during renewal, the system deducts the fees from your account balance. Vouchers, if any, will be used first.
  • Vouchers that will expire soon will be used first. If the expiration time of multiple vouchers is the same, the one with the largest deduction amount will be used first.
  • If an instance fails to be renewed on the expiration date, the instance becomes expired. The system automatically renews instances only if they are in the validity period. For expired instances, manual renewal is required. After the expired instances are renewed, you do not need to enable automatic renewal for them again. The renewal policy for the instances remains as automatic renewal.
  • If an instance that uses the manual renewal policy expires, you cannot enable automatic renewal for the instance. If the renewal of an instance that uses the automatic renewal policy fails on the expiration date due to reasons such as insufficient balance, the renewal policy of this instance remains as automatic renewal after it expires. However, the instance can no longer be automatically renewed by the system. To recover the instance, you must manually renew it.

Manual renewal

For instances that are not configured with the automatic renewal policy, the manual renewal policy is used by default. You can manually renew these instances in the Billing Center console.

  1. Log in to the Billing Center console.

  2. Select the instance to be renewed on the Renewal Management page and click Renewal.

  3. On the Instance renewal fee page, specify a renewal period and click Renewal.

  4. Pay for the renewal. The instance is manually renewed. image.png

Specify a unified expiration time for multiple instances

To specify a unified expiration time for multiple instances to facilitate batch renewal, select the instances and click Unified expiration time. image.png


Currently, instances of the following products cannot be renewed in the console:

  • Kingsoft Cloud Advanced Defense (KAD): Currently, instances of this product do not require renewal management.
  • Kingsoft Cloud Certificate Management (KCM): Instances of this product cannot be renewed in the console because re-submission of enterprise information is required for the renewal.
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