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FAQ about product trials

Last updated:2021-05-27 20:47:57

1. Can I apply for an invoice for expenses covered by a trial quota?

No, expenses covered by a trial quota are not invoiceable.

2. How can I obtain a trial quota?

Contact Kingsoft Cloud sales to apply for a trial quota.

3. My trial quota is not enough to cover an order. Can I combine it with another payment mode?

No, you can use only your trial quota to pay for products on trial.

4. How is an instance charged after it is upgraded from a trial?

When you upgrade an instance from a trial, you must select a new billing mode for the instance. After the instance is upgraded from a trial and the upgrade order is paid for, the trial period ends, the instance enters the regular usage period, and normal billing starts.

5. How can I extend the trial period or change the specifications of a trial instance?

You can renew a trial instance to extend its trial period. To do so, log in to the corresponding product console, select the trial instance, and then renew it. The renewal consumes credits.

You can change the specifications of a trial instance. Upgrading the specifications may introduce additional costs, which you must use your trial quota to pay for. You do not need to pay for a specification downgrade, but the extra trial quota will not be returned to your account.

6. Which API operation can I use to create a trial instance?

No API operation is available for creating a trial instance.

7. Does my trial quota expire?

Yes, you can use your trial quota only before the end of its validity period. An expired trial quota is recycled by the system.

8. Can I use my trial quota on all the products?

You can use your trial quota on every product that provides trial service. However, you must use your trial quota on products that you have agreed on with Kingsoft Cloud sales.

9. Can I enjoy other discounts and rebates when I purchase a trial product?

No, trial products do not participate in any other discounts or rebates. You cannot use vouchers or gift balance to pay for trial products.

10. Do all product trials require a trial quota?

No, the trial of some products, such as CDN, does not need a trial quota. To try this type of products, contact Kingsoft Cloud sales.

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