Common parameters

Last updated:2021-05-27 17:52:42

Common request parameters must be included in all API requests.

Parameter Type Required Length (number of characters) Format Description
Action String Yes Unfixed [a-zA-Z]+ The operation that you want to perform. For more information, see the description about each API operation.
Version String Yes 10 YYYY-MM-DD The version number of the API operation. Different versions of the API operation may support different request and response parameters. For more information about the version number, see the description about each API operation.
X-Amz-Algorithm String Yes 16 AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 The signature algorithm. Only HMAC-SHA256 is supported.
X-Amz-Credential String Yes Unfixed AccessKeyId/YYYYMMDD/region/service/aws4_request The credential scope, which contains your AccessKeyID, the date, the region you are targeting, the service you are requesting, and a termination string aws4_request.
X-Amz-Date String No (used to overwrite the date in the credential scope or Date header) 16 ISO 8601 basic format YYYYMMDD'T'HHMMSS'Z', for example, 20151101T120000Z The date that is used to create the signature.
X-Amz-Signature String Yes 64 Hexadecimal code The signature string of the current request.
X-Amz-SignedHeaders String Yes Unfixed [a-zA-Z0-9-;]+ The request headers required for signature calculation.


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