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FAQ about account assets

Last updated:2021-05-27 20:47:57

1. What is gift balance? Gift balance is gifted by Kingsoft Cloud to you during a promotional event or as a compensation. Gift balance cannot be cashed. You cannot apply for an invoice for the expense covered by gift balance. You can use gift balance for an expense of any amount, except for product trials. Gift balance does not expire. You can use gift balance in combination with other payment modes. When used in combination, gift balance is used first.

2. My available credit is negative. What does it mean? Available credit is the usable amount of money in your account. A negative available credit indicates that you owe money to Kingsoft Cloud. The negative value represents the amount owed.

3. When available credit, gift balance, and vouchers are used in combination, what is the payment order of them? You can choose to use vouchers first. After vouchers are used, the system first uses gift balance and then available credit. If your available credit is not enough to cover an expense, you must use online payment to complete the transaction.

4. How can I obtain credits? If your monthly expenses are high enough and you pay for your bills in time, you can contact Kingsoft Cloud sales to apply for credits.

5. Can I recharge my account online at any time? Yes, you can recharge your account at any time. The time for the money to arrive in your account depends on the payment mode that you have chosen.

6. When I was transferring money to my account from a bank, I made a mistake in the exclusive remittance account and accidentally sent the money to someone else's account. What can I do? Contact your sales manager as soon as possible. You exclusive remittance account is dedicated to you. Please be careful when you transfer money to this account.

7. I transferred money to my account from a bank, but the money did not arrive in my account. What can I do? After you transfer money to your exclusive remittance account, the money may take one to two days to arrive in your account. If you still do not see the money after this period, contact Kingsoft Cloud.

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