FAQ about vouchers

Last updated:2021-05-27 20:47:57

1. How can I obtain vouchers?

  • You can obtain vouchers during the irregular promotional events of Kingsoft Cloud.
  • Kingsoft Cloud gives out vouchers to accounts that satisfy specific conditions from time to time.
  • You can redeem a voucher from a voucher code obtained from partner channels.

2. Can I get a refund for a used voucher?
Unless the transaction failed due to system errors, you cannot get a refund for a voucher once the voucher is used.

Suppose you purchased partially with a voucher some KEC instances that qualify for a five-day unconditional refund. If you apply for a five-day unconditional refund, you cannot get a refund for the amount paid with the voucher. In addition, Kingsoft Cloud does not reissue a voucher to you.

3. Can I use a voucher to renew a product?

For the products and scenarios that the voucher supports, yes. The system checks whether the following conditions are met in sequence before you can use a voucher to renew a product: The voucher is within the validity period. The voucher applies to the product. The voucher can be used for renewal or general purposes.

4. Can I apply for an invoice for an amount paid with a voucher?

No, the amount paid with a voucher is not invoiceable.

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