Product trial guide

Last updated:2021-05-27 17:52:41

Kingsoft Cloud provides trial quotas for potential customers to experience Kingsoft Cloud products.

Apply for a trial quota

You can contact your Kingsoft Cloud sales manager to apply for a trial quota.

Check the trial quota

Log in to the Billing Center console. In the left navigation pane, click Experience Center. On the page that appears, check your trial quota and trial records. Use your trial quota before it is reset.

Try a product

  1. Log in to the Kingsoft Cloud console and select the product that you want to try. Then, create an instance.

  2. On the configuration page, select Trial as the billing mode and click Buy Now.

  3. On the order confirmation page, check the instance configurations and instance fee. Then, click Submit Order.

  4. On the payment page, check the instance fee and trial quota, and click Confirm. Then, the instance fee will be deducted from your trial quota.

  5. After the payment is complete, view details of the trial order on the Order Management page in the Billing Center console.

  6. Manage the trial instance in the corresponding product console. You can renew and delete the instance, change its specification, or upgrade it from a trial.
    The renewal fee will be deducted from your trial quota. Note that trial instances cannot be renewed together with standard instances.

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