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Return an invoice

Last updated:2021-05-27 17:52:41


After you apply for an invoice for your monthly statements, a paper invoice will be issued and sent within three working days. If you find errors in the information submitted, such as invoice title, invoice type, and invoice address, you can return the invoice after the invoice is issued. After the invoice is returned, the invoiced amount becomes again part of the invoiceable amount.


  • The procedure below applies to invoiced issued by Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. For invoices issued by third-party service providers in the Cloud Market, contact the service providers. If you need further assistance, submit a ticket.
  • You must send the paper invoice back by mail. Kingsoft Cloud's finance team will process the invoice return application only after the paper invoice has been received.
  • You must pay for the postage or delivery fee for the return yourself. Kingsoft Cloud does not accept payment on delivery.
  • Complete forms mean that the forms in the invoice are complete and undamaged. A VAT special invoice must contain the invoice form and the deduction form. A VAT ordinary invoice must contain the invoice form.
  • Special notes on returning VAT special invoices: To return an uncertified VAT special invoice, simply follow the procedure below. To return a certified VAT special invoice, you must provide the Information Form on the Issuance of Special Red-Letter Value-Added Tax Invoices issued by the competent tax bureau. You can submit a ticket and attach the scanned version in the ticket.


  1. Mail the paper invoice. Send the invoice in complete forms back to Kingsoft Cloud at the following address:

    • Mailing address: Ground floor reception, Building E, Xiaomi Science and Technology Park, No. 33 Xierqi Middle Road, Haidian District, Beijing
    • Postal code: 100089
    • Recipient: Li Qiaoying
    • Phone number: 18500820101
  2. After you send the mail, submit an online invoice return application. (1) Log in to the Billing Center console. (2) In the left navigation pane, click Invoice Management. The Invoice Management page appears. (3) Find your invoice application in the Invoice request record section, and click Refund in the Operation column on the right. (4) In the dialog box that appears, enter the reason for returning the invoice, and click OK.

  3. Reapply for an invoice. After Kingsoft Cloud receives the paper invoice and the online invoice return application, Kingsoft Cloud will void or reverse the invoice. After you receive the SMS message notifying you of the successful return of the invoice, you can reapply for an invoice. For more information about the application procedure, see Apply for an invoice.
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