Name changes of billing modes

Last updated:2021-05-27 17:52:41

Starting from June 9, 2020, the names of billing modes are changed in Kingsoft Cloud. The name changes will take a while to roll out. During this period of time, the names of billing modes displayed on some console pages may be different from those displayed in bills and orders. You can refer to the following table for comparison.

Original name New name Billing type
Monthly Subscription Prepayment
PeakMonthly Pay-By-Monthly-Peak Post-payment
DailySettlement Pay-By-Daily-Config Post-payment
DailyPeak Pay-By-Daily-Peak (Monthly) Post-payment
RegionShareMonthlyPeak Shared Bandwidth Post-payment
HourlySettlement Pay-As-You-Go (Monthly) Post-payment
PeakDaily Pay-By-Daily-Peak Pay-As-You-Go
DailyVolume Pay-As-You-Go (By Traffic) Pay-As-You-Go
Hourly Instant Settlement Pay-As-You-Go Pay-As-You-Go
MonthlyAfterSettlement Pay-By-Monthly-Config Post-payment
MonthlyVolume Pay-By-Traffic (Monthly) Post-payment
TimeSettlement One-Time Fee Prepaid Prepayment
TimeAfterSettlement One-Time Fee Postpaid Post-payment
MonthlyAdv95Peak Enhanced 95th Percentile Post-payment
MonthlyFifthAveragePeak Monthly Fifth Average Peak Post-payment
HourlyVolume Pay-As-You-Go (Hourly) Pay-As-You-Go
KEC_Spot Spot Instance Pay-As-You-Go

You can determine which API operation is used to query bills or other data based on the description of the specific billing mode.

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