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Last updated:2021-05-27 17:52:41

Kingsoft Cloud supports two prepayment billing modes: Subscription and One-Time Fee Prepaid. With prepayment, you pay for the expenses of one or more months or years at a time based on your needs of cloud resources. After the payment is complete, cloud resources are assigned to you for your use. The cloud resources are recycled upon their expiration time if you do not renew them.


Prepayment is suitable for the following scenarios:

  • Stable business scenarios
  • Long-term needs of cloud resources and hope for lower costs


  • The unit price of prepayment is lower than that of Pay-As-You-Go.
  • The cloud resources are dedicated to you and always available.


  • You cannot return the cloud resources as you wish.
  • In general, resource upgrade and downgrade are limited.
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