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Income and expenditure details

Last updated:2021-05-27 17:52:41


On the income and expenditure details page, you can find each transaction made in your account. These transactions include recharge, refund, consumption, balance withdrawal, transfer-in, and transfer-out.

Query income and expenditure details

  1. Log in to the Billing Center console.
  2. Go to the Account page. You can query income and expenditure details by Time and Transaction Type. image.png(1) Available Credit This tab displays the cash transaction history in your account. (2) Gift balance This tab displays the gift balance transaction history in your account. Gift balance is a type of funds gifted to registered users by Kingsoft Cloud. It can be used to offset prepaid, Pay-As-You-Go, and postpaid bills. (3) Temporarily frozen amount This tab displays the history of frozen funds in your account. After you submit a balance withdrawal request, the amount to withdraw is temporarily frozen.
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