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What is vGPU?

Last updated:2020-12-10 11:21:30

Based on NVIDIA GPU virtualization technologies, virtual GPU (vGPU) provides a GPU hosting mode that is different from that of traditional cloud servers. vGPU realizes the real virtualization of GPU resources and provides the ability for a cloud server to host vGPUs.

Compared with the traditional GPU passthrough hosting mode, vGPU provides the following benefits:

  • More granular GPU resource splitting. For example, you can purchase one half or one fourth of a GPU.
  • More granular application scenarios (with different licenses).

    The followings are some examples:

    • vPC license: Applicable to graphics and image processing scenarios such as video editing processing and simple rendering.
    • vCS license: Applicable to deep learning processing scenarios such as small-scale flexible training, inference, and AI teaching.
    • vDWS license: Applicable to professional graphics and image processing scenarios and deep learning scenarios.
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