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Change the configuration

Last updated:2021-03-19 14:49:04


After you create a Kingsoft Cloud GPU Elastic Compute (GEC) instance, you can change its configurations, including the CPU, memory, system disk size, and data disk size, based on your business needs.

Applying configuration modifications may take a while. Select the configuration that works the best for your business needs. For more information about the configurations you can change, see the table below.

Configuration item GEC instance type GEC instance status Object of adjustment Impact on business Effective when
Upgrade configuration GN6I
Stopped CPU
System disk
Data disk
Business will be interrupted. The GEC instance is started after configuration upgrade.

Configuration upgrade

  1. Log in to the KEC console. The Instance page appears by default. Find the GEC instance that you want to upgrade, and click Stop.

  2. In the Operation column, choose More > Resource Adjustment > Change Configuration.

  3. Select the target configuration and click OK.

  4. In the Confirm Configuration Change message, click OK to submit the order and pay.

  5. After the configuration is changed, follow the instructions to restart your instance for the change to take effect.
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