Security group

Last updated:2021-06-15 10:43:22


Security groups are an important means that Kingsoft Cloud provides to ensure network security and isolation. As stateful virtual firewalls for servers, security groups are used to control the network access to Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute (KEC) instances, Elastic Physical Compute (EPC) instances, GPU products, and cloud databases.

A security group is a logical group that consists of instances with the same requirements for network security and isolation in the same region. Security groups can work with security group policies to filter inbound and outbound traffic of instances. For more information about security groups, see Overview of security groups.


You can perform the following operations related to security groups. For more information about these operations, see Configure a security group.

  1. Create a security group.
  2. Edit inbound or outbound rules of a security group.
  3. Copy a security group. You can copy an existing security group to other regions or Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs).
  4. Delete security groups. You can delete security groups that you no longer use. However, you cannot delete the default security group in a VPC.
  5. Change security groups.
  6. Manage GEC instances in a security group.

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