Key pair-based login

Last updated:2021-06-15 10:43:10


Secure Shell (SSH) key pairs provide a secure and convenient login authentication method. An SSH key pair consists of a public key and a private key. You must attach an SSH key pair to a Linux instance before you can run the SSH command to connect to the Linux instance by using the private key.

Compared to the authentication method that uses a username and password, SSH key pairs provide more secure and reliable authentication. Using SSH key pairs can avoid brute-force attacks and facilitate remote login to a large number of Linux instances.


You can perform the following operations related to SSH key pairs. For more information, see Create and delete key pairs.

  1. Create a new key pair.
  2. Create a key pair by using an existing public key.
  3. Delete key pairs.

You can use the same SSH key pair to log in to multiple Linux instances. For more information, see Attach and detach key pairs to or from instances.

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