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Set up a license server

Last updated:2021-03-19 14:50:08

A license server is used to implement unified management and authorization of licenses. A vGPU instance needs to communicate with the license server to activate its GRID driver.

This topic describes how to set up a license server on Linux and how to manage licenses.


For license security purposes, it is recommended that you set up a license server in the VPC where the vGPU instance resides and use a private IP address to access the license server. If vGPU instances are geographically distributed, it is recommended that you use a security group to strictly control the source IP addresses that can access the license server after binding a public IP address to the license server.

Procedure to set up a license server

The recommended license server configuration is as follows:

  • CPU: 4 cores
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Data disk: 100 GB. Used to store the log. You can adjust the amount of the storage space.


  1. Start the host by using the license server image provided by Kingsoft Cloud Marketplace.

    To facilitate your use, Kingsoft Cloud provides images that have been configured. When you start the host, choose an image from the marketplace.

    To obtain the specific image, find Nvidia GRID License Server in the marketplace.

    You can also set up a license server by following the instructions in NVIDIA official documents.

  2. Import licenses to the license server.

    a. Log in to the GEC instance.

    b. Identify whether the FNE service is in running state.

    systemctl status flexnetls-nvidia.service

    If the service is not in running state, restart the service and verify the service status again.

    systemctl stop flexnetls-nvidia.service
    rm -rf  /var/opt/flexnetls/nvidia
    systemctl start flexnetls-nvidia.service
    systemctl status flexnetls-nvidia.service

    c. Purchase a license from NVIDIA or apply for a trial license, and then obtain the license file from the NVIDIA SOFTWARE LICENSING CENTER page. You can appy for a 90-day vGPU trial.

    Note: Use the downloaded license file within 24 hours. After 24 hours, you must download the file again.

    d. Access the License Client Manager at http://localhost:8080/licserver. image.png

    e. Choose License Server > License Management and upload the license file.

    After the file is successfully uploaded, you can use the license server to license a vGPU.

  3. Use the License Client Manager to view license usage.

    Choose License Server > Licensed Clients to view the licensed devices. image.png

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