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Stop an instance

Last updated:2021-03-19 14:48:15


You can shut down a Kingsoft Cloud GPU Elastic Compute (GEC) instance in the console when you want to stop services or to perform certain operations, such as password change, that require the instance to be stopped. The console provides two ways to shut down an instance: Stop and Forced Shutdown.

  • The Stop option is equivalent to normally shutting down your local PC.
  • The Forced Shutdown option is equivalent to cutting power to your local PC. Use this feature only when the instance cannot be properly shut down.


  • Only GEC instances in the Running state can be shut down.
  • A forced shutdown may result in data loss or file system corruption on your GEC instance. Use this feature with caution.
  • If a forced shutdown fails, contact Customer Service.
  • GEC instances do not support the No Fees Upon Shutdown mode.


  1. Log in to the KEC console.
  2. Select one or more instances in the instance list and click Stop.

  3. In the Stop Instance dialog box, select Stop or Forced Shutdown as the shutdown mode.


  1. Click OK.

If you select Forced Shutdown as the shutdown mode, you must also select Confirm Forced Shutdown.

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