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Install and activate the GRID driver (Linux)

Last updated:2020-12-10 11:21:31

This topic describes how to manually install and activate a GRID driver on a GPUVM instance that runs a standard Linux image.

If the vGPU is running an operating system image with the GRID driver preinstalled, you only need to activate the GRID driver. You do not need to manually install the GRID driver.

Install the GRID driver

  1. Download the GRID driver installation package.

  2. Set the mode of the installation package file to execute.

    chmod +x
  3. Execute the installation package file.
  4. Restart the GPUVM instance.

Activate the GRID driver

Before performing the operations described in this topic, make sure you have set up a license server and completed the license configuration. For more information, see Set up a license server.

To activate the GRID driver:

  1. Go to the /etc/nvidia directory.
    cd /etc/nvidia
  2. Open file gridd.conf.

    • If the file does not exist, create the file first.
      cp gridd.conf.template gridd.conf
    • If the file already exists, open the file.
      vim gridd.conf
  3. Add license server configuration information to the file.
    ServerAddress=      /* IP address of the license server */
    ServerPort=7070     /* Port number of the license server, which is 7070 by default */
    FeatureType=        /* Enter 4 for CUDA computing */
  4. Restart the GPUVM instance.
    systemctl restart nvidia-gridd
  5. Check the license status.
    systemctl status nvidia-gridd

If the GRID driver has been successfully activated, the License acquired successfully message is displayed.

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