What is GPU Elastic Compute?

Last updated:2020-12-18 10:49:13

Kingsoft Cloud GPU Elastic Compute (GEC) provides accelerated computing based on graphics processing units (GPUs). It can be used in scientific computing, deep learning, image rendering, and GPU-based audio and video codec scenarios to provide stable, fast and elastic computing services and convenient unified cloud server management services.

GEC is typically used in deep learning scenarios such as offline training and online prediction.

With the powerful computing capabilities of GPUs, a GEC instance can act as a training and prediction platform for deep learning. You can construct a multifunctional deep learning system to provide effective and secure model training and online services by combining a GEC instance with the following services:

  • Cloud storage service provided by Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage Service (KS3).
  • Online database service provided by Kingsoft Cloud Relational Database Service (KRDS).
  • Massive distributed processing service provided by big data platform Kingsoft Cloud MapReduce (KMR).

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