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Product FAQs

Last updated:2020-12-18 10:56:45

What are the advantages of GPU over CPU?

GPU has more Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs), supports parallel computing, and can perform multithreaded massively parallel computing.

Does a GEC instance support configuration upgrade and downgrade?

No. The configuration for a GEC instance is fixed. It cannot be upgraded or downgraded.

Can a GEC instance access KEC or EPC instances?

Yes. A GEC instance is added to a VPC by default and can communicate with KEC and EPC instances in the VPC.

How can I remotely connect to a vGPU instance after installing Windows on it?

Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) does not support applications such as DirectX and OpenGL, and might cause the following problems:

  • Using RDP to connect to a Windows instance might cause the NVIDIA control panel to exit exceptionally.
  • The desktop resolution cannot be modified through the NVIDIA control panel.
  • The desktop resolution cannot be modified by changing Windows display settings, so the display settings cannot be changed.

To resolve the problem, you can install the VNC service. For example, you can install software TightVNC.

I have installed VNC but cannot set up a connection by using port 5900. How can I solve the problem?

It is recommended that you change the port to a different commonly used port, such as 8080 or 443.

The console VNC connection fails after a Windows screen setting adjustment on a vGPU instance. How can I solve the problem?

The console VNC is connected to the default output screen of the system by default. A vGPU instance has a second high-definition output screen by default. Once the screen is set as the primary screen, it is easy to cause a mapping error. A mapping error will cause a black screen, a blue screen, or a stuck screen for the VNC connection of the console.

To restore the console VNC connection, connect to the vGPU instance through Windows RDP, and deactivate the Universal Plug and Play Monitor in Monitor of Device Manager.

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