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Limits on product specifications

Last updated:2021-05-21 17:43:02

Applications running on Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute (KEC) instances in Auto Scaling must be stateless and support resource scale-out. Auto Scaling can automatically release KEC instances when they are removed from scaling groups. Therefore, do not store status information such as sessions and relevant data such as database data and logs on the KEC instances in scaling groups. Otherwise, the data is lost when the KEC instances are released. If your application needs to store status or log information on KEC instances, you can store the information on independent KEC instances.

  1. You can create up to 50 launch configurations in the same region and the same availability zone.

  2. You can create up to 50 scaling groups in the same region and the same availability zone.

  3. A scaling group can use only one launch configuration.

  4. A scaling group supports up to 60 KEC instances.

  5. You can create up to 100 scaling policies and 10 scheduled tasks for a scaling group.

  6. Auto Scaling does not allow you to upgrade the configurations of KEC instances that are added or migrate these KEC instances.
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