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Last updated:2020-06-24 12:01:53

Configure a scheduled task in advance

If the time when KEC instances need to be scaled in or scaled out is determined, you can create a scheduled task in Auto Scaling. When the specified time arrives, Auto Scaling automatically adds or removes KEC instances.

Address business surges at low cost

To cope with a business surge, more KEC instances need to be deployed in advance to prevent the existing KEC instances from being overloaded due to the increase of CPU usage. When the business load decreases, KEC instances need to be removed based on the actual load. With Auto Scaling, you only need to create an alarm-triggered policy in advance. Auto Scaling then automatically determines whether a scale-in or scale-out operation is required based on the metric that you set. When the value of the specified metric reaches the threshold, Auto Scaling automatically adds or removes KEC instances in real time. This not only saves costs but also frees you from manual scaling operations.

Automatically replace unhealthy KEC instances

To prevent unhealthy KEC instances from affecting your business, you must always take note of the running status of KEC instances and be prepared to resolve issues at any time. Auto Scaling can periodically check the health of KEC instances. When an unhealthy KEC instance is detected, Auto Scaling automatically launches a new KEC instance to replace the unhealthy one. You can check the operation records in scaling activity logs.

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