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The requests from clients are forwarded to KEC instances by Server Load Balancing (SLB). When the traffic changes rapidly, Auto Scaling automatically scales in or out KEC instances to cope with the changes.

Benefit Description
Automated deployment Auto Scaling automatically adds or removes KEC instances in real time based on your business needs, with no manual intervention required. This allows you to deal with business with the most appropriate number of KEC instances and frees you from the harassment of manual deployment.
Cost-effectiveness Auto Scaling automatically adjusts the number of KEC instances to reduce costs. Auto Scaling helps you deal with business with the most appropriate number of KEC instances. Auto Scaling automatically adds KEC instances when your business load grows, and reduces KEC instances when your business load drops. This reduces the costs in purchasing and deploying KEC instances.
Improved fault tolerance Auto Scaling automatically checks the health of KEC instances to implement fault tolerance in a timely manner. When an unhealthy KEC instance is detected, Auto Scaling automatically launches a new KEC instance to replace the unhealthy one.

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