Manage KEC instances in a scaling group

Last updated:2021-05-21 17:41:31

This document describes how to manage KEC instances in a scaling group. You can manually add a KEC instance to or remove a KEC instance from a scaling group.


  1. Log in to the Auto Scaling console.

  2. In the left navigation pane, click Scaling Group.

  3. Find the scaling group that you want to modify, and click Manage in the Operation column. The details page of the scaling group appears.

  4. Click the Associated KEC Instance tab. The KEC instances added to the scaling group appear in a list.

    • If you want to manually add KEC instances to the scaling group, click Add KEC Instance, select the KEC instances to be added, click image.png, and then click OK.

    • If you want to remove a KEC instance from the scaling group, find the KEC instance and click Remove in the Operation column.

      An automatically added KEC instance will be released after removal.

      A manually added KEC instance is removed from the scaling group and detached from the SLB instance, but will not be released.

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