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Create an IAM role for a trusted Kingsoft Cloud account

Last updated:2021-10-29 17:57:34

This topic describes how to create an IAM role for a trusted Kingsoft Cloud account. The IAM role is used for cross-account access and temporary authorization.


  1. Log in to the IAM console.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Roles.
  3. On the Roles page, click Create Role.
  4. On the Create Role page, select Ksyun Account as the trusted entity.
  5. Set Role Name and Remarks.
  6. In the Set Carrier information section, select an account type.

    You can select either Current Ksyun Account or Other Ksyun Account. If you select Other Ksyun Account, you need to enter the corresponding account ID. To view the account ID, go to the Account and Security page.

  7. Click Next.

    After the role is created, choose Permissions > Grants or Policies in the left navigation pane to grant permissions or attach policies to the role.

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