Use AccessKeys correctly

Last updated:2021-10-29 17:57:25

Many customers have some misunderstanding about how to use an AccessKey. We recommend that you follow the recommended security practices described in relevant documents. To avoid disastrous consequences due to the leakage of your AccessKey, we recommend that you do not create an AccessKey for your Kingsoft Cloud account. We recommend that you create AccessKeys for your IAM users and grant IAM users required permissions to control operations.

You can view and download the AccessKey information immediately after you create an AccessKey for your Kingsoft Cloud account. However, due to its confidential nature, Kingsoft Cloud does not store the SecretAccessKey. If you accidentally lose your SecretAccessKey, you can only disable and then delete the Accesskey.

You can create up to two AccessKeys for each Kingsoft Cloud account. You can create, disable, enable, and delete AccessKeys at any time.

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