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Term Description
account A Kingsoft Cloud account. An account is the owner of resources. All resources belong to accounts.
IAM user A user under a Kingsoft Cloud account. An IAM user does not own any resources but can manage the resources authorized by an account.
role A role created under a Kingsoft Cloud account.
login ID The login identifier of a Kingsoft Cloud account.
account ID The ID of a Kingsoft Cloud account. An account ID is a digit string that can be up to 20 digits in length.
policy An authorization policy under a Kingsoft Cloud account that represents a set of permissions on target actions or resources. Kingsoft Cloud supports global system policies and custom policies.
policy document A JSON document that describes permissions.
Identity and Access Management (IAM) The service provided by Kingsoft Cloud for identity management, authentication, authorization, and access control.
AccessKey The credential used for identity authentication in API calls. An AccessKey consists of an AccessKeyID and a SecretAccessKey.
AccessKeyID The unique identifier of an AccessKey.
SecretAccessKey The shared secret of an AccessKey. It is used to sign API requests.
entity The initiator of an action. Currently, Kingsoft Cloud supports two types of entities: account and IAM user.
Kingsoft Resource Name (KRN) The globally unique identifier of a Kingsoft Cloud resource. A KRN can be used to identify a resource in policy documents, for example, krn:ksc:<service-name>:<region-name>:<account-id>:<resourcetype>/<resource-id>.
multi-factor authentication (MFA) An authentication method that supplements username and password authentication. It improves the security of accounts. Kingsoft Cloud currently supports virtual MFA.
group A collection of IAM users with the same functions.
project A collection of zero to several resources. It is equivalent to the KRN of multiple resources. IAM can use projects to logically divide resources of an account.

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