Use the manual evaluation service

Last updated:2020-11-27 10:35:17

Manual evaluation service

After you create an evaluation task, you can apply for manual evaluation. Select the evaluation task, click Manual Evaluation Service, specify the evaluation requirements and the number of evaluators, and pay online. You will receive the evaluation result of the specified samples after a period of time. KQoE also automatically generate a professional evaluation report to help your with product iteration and quality analysis.

Create a manual evaluation task

Step Description
1 Create an evaluation task. For more information, see Evaluation task management.
2 Select the evaluation task and click Manual Evaluation Service above the evaluation task list. You need to activate the manual evaluation service first.
3 Specify Evaluator Amount and click Estimated Cost to view the estimated costs.
4 Click Buy Now and complete the order.
5 Wait for your business representative to confirm the evaluation requirements and the evaluators to complete the task.

Price settings

  1. Sample Type:
  • Image
  • Video
  1. Evaluator Amount:
    The price increases or decreases with the number of evaluators based on the base price.
  2. Sample Amount
    The price increases or decreases with the number of samples based on the base price.
  3. Refund or configuration change is not supported.

Price overview

For details, see Pricing of manual evaluation in KQoE.

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