Manage evaluation standards

Last updated:2020-11-27 10:35:17

Required information for an evaluation standard

Standard Name

  • The name of an evaluation standard can contain at most 64 characters, including Chinese characters, letters, digits, spaces, underscores (_), hyphens (-), and periods (.).
  • The name of an evaluation standard must be unique.

Evaluation Mode

Valid values: Full Reference Evaluation and No Reference Evaluation.

Evaluation Dimension

You can add up to 10 evaluation dimensions to an evaluation standard.

Dimension Type

Fractional System: You can add multiple scores for each evaluation dimension.
Yes-No System: You can add the Yes and No options for each evaluation dimension.


You can explain an option to help an evaluator determine whether to select the option.

Evaluation standard list

Log in to the KQoE console and click Standard Management in the left navigation pane. The system displays all evaluation standards in a list. For each evaluation standard, the system displays the name, evaluation mode, style, evaluation dimensions, and explanation.

Preset evaluation standards

The preset evaluation standards are pinned on top in the evaluation standard list.

Create a custom evaluation standard

Step Description
1 Click New Evaluation Standard.
2 Specify Standard Name, Evaluation Mode, Select Type, Evaluation Dimension**, and Dimension Type. You can set one or more evaluation dimensions.
3 Add scores or the Yes and No options for each evaluation dimension.
4 Click Submit.

Delete an evaluation standard

Select an evaluation standard in the evaluation standard list, and click the Delete icon above the evaluation standard list to delete the evaluation standard.

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