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Last updated:2020-11-30 19:22:05

Content of an evaluation report

Evaluation task basic information

Evaluation Type

The type of the samples that were evaluated. Valid values: Image and Video.

Evaluation Dimension

The name of the evaluation standard that was selected during the creation of the evaluation task.

Participants Amount

The number of evaluators to whom the evaluation task was assigned. If the evaluation task is not assigned, the value is 0.

Application Model Scenario

The names of the datasets in comparison.

Task Evaluation Time

The time taken to complete the evaluation task.

Evaluation Samples Amount

The number of samples that were evaluated in the evaluation task.

Export Data Details

You can click Export Data Details to download the evaluation report in .xlsx format. The downloaded evaluation report contains details about the evaluation by all evaluators and the comparison for the image or video.

Evaluation Conclusion

CodeRate Saving or Compression Ratio

CodeRate Saving: This field applies to videos. The value is calculated based on the following formula: (Bit rate of the original video - Bit rate of the result video)/Bit rate of the original video ×100%.
Compression Ratio: This field applies to images: The value is calculated based on the following formula: (Size of the original image - Size of the compressed image)/Size of the original image ×100%.


The cases with a subjective evaluation score greater than 2.


The cases with a subjective evaluation score less than or equal to 2.

Subjective Evaluation Score

If the evaluation task was assigned to evaluators, the system displays the subjective scores of the evaluators for the evaluation task in a chart.

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