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Manage datasets

Last updated:2020-11-30 19:27:43

Required information for a dataset


  • A dataset name can contain at most 64 characters, including Chinese characters, letters, digits, spaces, underscores (_), hyphens (-), and periods (.).
  • A dataset name must be unique.

DataSet Type

The type of the samples in the dataset Valid values: Image and Video.

Upload Data Set

The feature that allows you to upload an image or video file or folder based on the sample type.

Dataset list


The dataset name that you specified when you create the dataset.

Create Time

The time when the dataset was created.

Create a dataset

Step Description
1 Click Upload Data Set. In the dialog box that appears, specify Test set name and Test set type.
2 Click Select a folder or Select a file to upload one or more images or videos based on the sample type.
3 Click Upload and wait until all images or videos are uploaded.
4 Click OK.

Upload files or folders to a dataset

Delete a dataset

Step Description
1 Click Image or Video to filter datasets, and then find the dataset that you want to delete.
2 Verify that the dataset is not used by an evaluation task. If the dataset is used by an evaluation task, delete the evaluation task first.
3 Select the dataset.
4 Click Delete above the dataset list to delete the dataset.
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