Assign an evaluation task

Last updated:2020-11-27 10:35:16

Assign an evaluation task to multiple evaluators

You can assign an evaluation task to multiple evaluators so that they can handle the evaluation task at the same time.

Internal evaluation

  • Fees: free of charge.

Assign an evaluation task to an internal evaluator

Step Description
1 Find the task that you want to assign in the evaluation task list.
2 Click Add Evaluator in the Evaluation Progress column.
3 Add the email address of an evaluator to the email address list. For more information, see the following sections.
4 Click Assign Evaluation Task.
5 After the evaluation task is assigned to the evaluator, the evaluator receives an email containing a link and password to the task. The evaluator can click the link to handle the evaluation task online.

Specify assignment information

Add email addresses of evaluators

Step Description
1 Add the email addresses of one or more evaluators to the email address list. When you click Batch Add to add multiple email addresses, separate the email addresses with line breaks.
2 Select an email address in the email address list. Alternatively, search for the email address in the search box and then select the email address.
3 If the email address is not found, verify that it has been added.
4 Select all required email addresses.
5 Click Assign Evaluation Task.

Third-party evaluation

  • To activate this service, contact the your business representative.

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