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View evaluation tasks

Last updated:2020-11-27 10:35:16

Evaluation task list

You can access the evaluation task list in one of the following ways:

  • Log in to the KQoE console and click Task Management in the left navigation pane. The system displays all evaluation tasks in all your projects.
  • Log in to the KQoE console and click Project Management in the left navigation pane. On the page that appears, click a project. the system displays all evaluation tasks in the project.

Task information

The evaluation task list displays the following information for each task:

  • Evaluation Task: The name of the evaluation task.
  • Sample Type: The type of the samples to be evaluated. Valid values: Image or Video.
  • Sample Amount: The number of samples in the evaluation task.
  • Evaluation Dimension: the name of the evaluation standard. For more information, see Evaluation standard management.
  • Create Time: The time when the evaluation task was created.
  • Evaluation Progress: The progress of the evaluation task. If the task has been assigned to an evaluator, this system displays a progress bar. Otherwise, this system displays the Add Evaluator button.
  • Evaluation Report: The report of the evaluation task. When the report icon is blue, the report has been generated. You can click the icon to view the report.

View an evaluation task

In the evaluation task list, find the task that you want to view and click the task name. The task details page appears.

Task details

  • Objective Score: The calculation results of the objective evaluation metrics.
  • Comparison mode: The image or video display mode. You can switch the mode between Overlap and Tiling.
  • Image List or Video List: You can turn the switch on or off to specify whether to display the image or video list. The switch is turned on by default.
  • Display size: You can choose whether to display the video or image in Original Image/Video Size or Suitable Size. The display size is Suitable Size by default.
  • Magnifier: You can use the magnifier to view image details. The magnifier feature is disabled by default.
  • Coordinate and color information: You can move the pointer over an image to view the coordinate and color information.
  • Full Screen
  • Share: To share the task, click Share. In the dialog box that appears, click Copy to pasteboard. You can send the task link to one or more persons. Multiple persons can view the evaluation tasks at the same time.

Comparison mode

Full-reference evaluation task
  1. Objective evaluation metrics: If you select a full-reference evaluation metric, one score appears at the center. If you select a no-reference evaluation metric, two scores appear.
  2. Display mode: You can switch the display mode between Overlap and Tiling.
No-reference evaluation task
  1. Objective evaluation metrics: You can select only a no-reference evaluation metric. One score appears at the center.
  2. Display mode: The system directly displays the images or videos without the Overlap or Tiling option.

Search for an evaluation task

You can search for an evaluation task in one of the following ways:

  • Search by task status, for example, All, Finished, or Unfinished.
  • Search by task name: Enter a task name in the search box and click the search icon.
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