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Bind a backend server

Last updated:2021-05-26 16:59:48

This topic describes how to bind a real server to an SLB instance as a backend server.

  1. Log in to the SLB console.
  2. Select the region of the SLB instance to which you want to bind a real server.
  3. In the SLB instance list, find the target SLB instance and click Enter SLB in the corresponding Operation column.
  4. In the listener list of the SLB instance, click the listener to which the real server will be bound.
  5. In the lower part of the page that appears, click Server Information.
  6. Click Add Backend Server.
  7. In the Available Servers section, select one or more servers to be bound, enter the port that you want to listen on and the weight, and then click Add, as shown in the following figure. image.png
  8. Confirm the configuration and click OK. Then, the servers are bound to the SLB instance.
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